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We are all about choice! You have your choice of listening to over 100 streaming audio hypnosis sessions online by purchasing a subscription (3 or 12 month) or you may purchase specific MP3s of better quality to download for your own personal erotic hypnosis use.

The most popular approach of our members is to purchase a subscription and listen to all of the different sessions and then purchase their favorite erotic hypnosis sessions for their personal erotic hypnosis collection.

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HypnoFantasy PREMIUM MEMBER Exclusive Sites.

Below is a list of other exclusive HYPNOFANTASY sites available to PREMIUM MEMBERS. Upgrading to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is easy to do and very inexpensive. You can buy one month, three months or one year, the choice is yours.
Imagine, if you can, that there was a place to help your free erotic hypnosis fantasies come true. We're talking your personal fantasies. This is the free erotic hypnosis site that brings these fantasies to life for you in vibrant living color. If you can imagine it and describe it then you truly can become it. So don't hold back any longer. 13 Free Erotic Hypnosis Sessions Available.
Download all your favourite Erotic Hypnosis sessions instantly at our dedicated download site.  No fuss, no waiting, once you are approved the sessions are sent automatically.  VISA and Mastercard accepted. 100+ Sessions Available.
Open your hypnotic mind to our wonderful Mistress who simply adores spinning her powerful erotic hypnosis hypno-spell on you. If you are looking for a classic touch of Female Domination delivered in a safe, sane and powerful way then NikkiFatale and her web of hypnotricks is the parlour of pleasure you are looking for. 27 Erotic Hypnosis Sessions Available.
Transforming, changing, discreet and powerful. Our home of erotic hypnosis subliminals and affirmations will help you achieve the changes in erotic behaviour you are looking for. It might sound like music to your ears but you know what they say... Never assume that's all there is. If you want discreet erotic training programs that shapes and molds you then step right up because we've been waiting for you. 25 Erotic Hypnosis Sessions Available.
Over the years we have been very fortunate to join up with some of the best hypnotic talent on the net and now through HYPNOFANTASYFRIENDS we are able to bring their fine work to you. On the site you will find both "up and coming" new talent and seasoned hypnosis professionals. 38 Sessions Available.
Do you remember the game of chicken where someone dared you to do something risky. Well Hypnochicken is a site full of erotic surprises to taunt you and tease. This is the perfect place for hypno fanatics who want to live a little further out on the erotic edge.Over 30 "surprise" sessions available